Pipo is 5 years old. He is strong and is always attracting attention, especially because he is the biggest of the group. He likes to feel as the leader of the group, even though he doesn ́t always accomplish it. He uses his head for everything, even to crack nuts!! He sees adventure where the rest only see danger, especially Max. His need for adventure leads him to conquer space, un-tape a mummy, or even comb a lion, all without a doubt in his big head!

Nati is 5 and she is so smart that she can solve the square root of 78.59 without being off too much...ok maybe not that smart, but pretty close! She is actually adopted and was originally born in China. She is used to always being right, and thinks that she is even when the opposite is clear. That is why her friends some- times think that she is stubborn like a mule! She is, although, the only one capa- ble of establishing peace when the friends fight for the same doughnut.

Max is 4 years old, almost 5, and his mom is always saying that in him there is a great interior world. He hasn ́t found it yet, though. When he grows up, he wants to be an engineer, inventor or build extreme constructions...but only if it is not too dangerous, because everything new frightens him...but he gets over it quickly!

Flo is 4 and she never cries...she is very brave! She can beat anyone to a race, go around earth in a space rocket and play patty-cake with a dinosaur, all with- out even breaking a sweat. Pipo hates that, but he forgives her because she smells very good. She is also incredibly vain; Flo would be unable to go on a trip to the center of the earth without combining her shoes with her head ribbon!

Lia is only 2 and a half. She is Max ́s little sister and she follows him around everywhere, she loves that her big brother is so creative. She still doesn ́t speak properly and she likes to play with the big kids’ toys...even when she doesn ́t really know what they are for. She doesn ́t care, all she wants them for is to play with Pepona, her inseparable doll.